By Humphrey Carter

ALL indications last night pointed towards a the Majorcan Union party accepting the Partido Popular's conditions in Calvia and that the pact will be officially signed and announced as early as today It was understood last night that the Partido Popular's candidate, Carlos Delgado, will be Mayor and for the full four years while the leader of the Majorcan Union list, Isidre Cañellas, will be Delgado's deputy. The deal was thrashed out yesterday morning in Palma with top level talks being held between the two parties which hours before agreed to join forces and form the new Council of Majorca. However, during the cross-party talks, Delgado and Cañellas broke away for a more private round of discussions.
Despite Cañellas having made his desire to be Mayor quite clear, Delgado's Partido Popular won the most votes and the most seats, albeit just one short of the absolute majority, hence the need for a political pact with the UM to oust the PSOE socialist party from power, ending 20 years of left wing control of the town hall.

Majorcan Union party sources revealed yesterday that the PSOE has made Cañellas “an irresistible offer” and tried to increase the pressure yesterday morning after the socialists had their Council of Majorca offer rejected by the UM. Others however said that the deal with the PP was all but completed: “it just needs to be officially signed, cross the t's and dot the i's.” Cañellas said only this week that, his desire to be Mayor aside, his primary concern when deciding with which party to form a pact was the best interests of the citizens of Calvia. Partido Popular sources in Calvia said yesterday that Delgado has called a local party meeting for today, although nothing more was being given away. “We're more quietly confident than yesterday,” said one party member later.
Within hours of the local election results, it was being claimed that a PP-UM pact was a “done deal.” Some political pundits still agree, although claim that the UM played for time in order to try and push for greater concessions.
The new Calvia council sits at midday on Saturday, so the decision has to be announced before then.


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