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CALVIA was thrown into political turmoil yesterday with the unexpected anouncement resignation of Margarita Nájera, the acting Mayoress of Calvià, who officially handed in her resignation to the Socialist party after 12 years in power as the Town Hall's chief official. The coalition of the National and Balearic Socialist parties in Calvià broke the news yesterday.
In a communiqué, they explained that following the May 25 local elections in Calvià, in which the Partido Popular won 10 seats on the Council, the socialist coalition 9 and Union Mallorca 2, Nájera deemed that these results “would not allow her to exercise leadership” of the new socialist group in the locality.

Nájera, who will give public account of her decision next Wednesday, 18th June, has been Mayoress of this Majorcan municipality for the last twelve years, since 1991. According to the socialists, the executive committee of the party in Calvià made an analysis of the election results and of the political situation from a local, regional and national perspective. They established two “clear objectives”: to guarantee the governability and stability of the local council under a new mandate, and to actively participate in efforts to “put the brakes on uniform, conservative policies that the Partido Popular will try and impose on our society in the coming years”. Faced with this situation, the socialists have opened ongoing talks with Union Mallorquina at a local and island-wide level, to “consolidate” a “credible and stable” agenda for governing in the municipality of Calvià. From the first day, Margarita Nájera has been at the forefront of these negotiations with the objective of setting up a coalition between the National and Balearic Socialist parties with the Majorcan Unionsit party, and to “facilitate the election of a new mayor”. The communiqué read “In agreement with these aims and objectives and following calm political analysis of the electoral results achieved by the socialist coalition in Calvià, colleague Margarita Nájera made her personal decision known to the local party executive council that she will step down as Mayoress during a full constitutional meeting of the new legislature on 14 June next.”

In the same way that Nájera resigned as number one on the list of Calvià*s socialists, Teresa Jordana Tous, who held ninth position, also resigned on Wednesday for “private and family reasons”. The new socialist councillors in Calvià will be María Carrasco Almanzán and José Sánchez Reolid.
Nájera is also the current President of the Federation of Local Balearic Organizations (FELIB), and she remains in the post as acting President after 25 May until a new general assembly is convened to choose another leader when newly distributed power rises from the ashes. According to news agency sources of FELIB, the socialist leader hasn't made any official comment on her responsibility with regard to this organisation, a fact which augurs that she will be officially relieved of her post at the next general assembly, that will take place approximately one month after the official swearing in of the new legislature. Separately, the State Attorney-general, Jesús Cardenal, agreed a few days ago to hand over to the office of public prosecutions seven lawsuits that have been taken out against the acting Mayoress of Calvià in separate court proceedings in Palma. The plaintiffs in these hearings are named as “Estrategia Local”, “Chalet de Santa Ponsa”, “Western Park”, “SYP”, “Solares de Santa Ponsa y Grupo HPT Instal” and “Paseo de Calvià”.


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