By Humphrey Carter

A former Guardia Civil Lieutenant who spent years pursuing and arresting petty British drug dealers in San Antonio, Ibiza, was yesterday gunned down and killed by a former fellow member of the force. Commander Isidoro Turrión, 40, and a 70-year-old Guardia Civil doctor were both shot and killed while the Lieutenant Colonel of the Guardia Civil barracks in Albacete was in a critical condition last night. The shooting was allegedly carried out by the former Albacete Guardia Civil chief, Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Peñafiel aged 51.
The shooting happened yesterday morning when Antonio Peñafiel, who lost his job as police chief in Albacete following complaints of irregularities, walked into the Guardia Civil headquarters unarmed. However, once inside, he allegedly found a weapon in one of the offices, firstly opening fire on his replacement, then Isidoro Turrión and the station's doctor Francisco Naharro before trying to kill himself. Both the former Ibiza Guardia Civil chief and the doctor died at the police station while 55-year-old Antonio Lázaro Gabaldón was in a critical condition after undergoing an emergency operation yesterday. Antonio Peñafiel was also in a critical condition after shooting himself in the head.
According to the Guardia Civil director general, Peñafiel was sacked for bringing the force into disrepute and was undergoing medical and psychological examination. It appears that he had severe problems with being sacked and losing his job as an important and influential person in the Albacete region. While on the force in San Antonio, Ibiza, before promotion and relocating to the mainland, Isidoro Turrión earned himself a reputation as a no-nonsense Guardia Civil chief who was particularly hard on the British small-time drug dealers who worked the streets of the resort offering designer drugs to young holidaymakers. He also developed close relations with his British counterparts and a number of British journalists who he helped on stories lifting the lid off San Antonio's drug scene. Guardia Civil colleagues in Ibiza and Albacete were shocked by news of Isidoro Turrión's death while the shooting has rocked the force nation-wide.


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