Staff reporter

CALVIA'S newly elected local council members will receive the same salary as their counterparts who held power during the previous term of office and will not be taking pay rises as some other local councils, including Palma city council, have been awarding themselves over the past week. Sources in the municipality confirmed that yesterday's plenary session accepted a proposal from the Mayor's office concerning payments to members of the Corporation. A communiqué reported that the approved proposal “maintains the same level of payment as was received by the previous Town Hall government team during their time in power and that the pay package is specifically tailored to the political structure of the municipal Corporation.” Regarding full-time positions, the same sources detailed that the Mayor, Carlos Delgado, will be paid 10 calendar-monthly payments of 4'081 euros and two payments in July and December of 8'163 euros. The mayor's deputies, Isidre Cañellas, Joan Thomás, Rafael Garau, Teresa Martorell and Alberto León will receive 10 monthly payments of 3'284 euros plus two extra of 6'569 euros. Councillors Luís Marin, Kate Mentink, Bartolomé Bonafé and Constantina Hernández will have a salary of 2'487 euros for 10 months of the calendar year and another two payments in July and December of 4'974 euros. Another section of the pay structure allows for payment to Councillor Xavier Mas in recognition of his part-time commitment to the Town Hall. He will receive 10 payment s of 1'243 euros and two of 2'487 while the mayor's deputy José Manuel Ruiz will be paid a gross monthly figure of 2'313 euros for his attendance at the plenary sessions, committee meetings and other government business. The Spokesman for the Opposition socialist group at the Town Hall in Calvia, Antonio Machado will be paid 1'719 euros on a monthly basis.
Other councillors belonging to the same party will receive 1'239 euros.
The same sources went on to report that yesterday's session formally named Town Hall representatives and the appointments to which they have been assigned. Amongst them were noted the governing board of Consorcio Mirall Calvia, the board of directors of the IFOC and the governing board of the Municipal Foundation of Children's Nurseries.