By Humphrey Carter THE high street doom and gloom in Majorca has been lifted this week by the arrival of Jordan's royal family and in particular Queen Rania who has spent most of the week shopping in some of Majorca's top stores and boutiques, spending thousands of pounds per day. On Wednesday the Queen, who has developed a passion for Spanish leather goods, in particular shoes in stores such as Camper, and hand bags, spent a small fortune along Jaime III in Palma. The owner of one of the capital's most exclusive menswear stores said that the Queen, “in just five minutes spent what we normal take in a whole week.” “What is more she told us to keep the change,” he added. She also received top care and attention when she popped into the department store El Cortes Ingles and whipped out her gold Mastercard, splashing out on cosmetics. On Thursday, she went shopping again in the Port of Andratx, but this time for swim wear. In fact, their decision to spend the week in Majorca has generated a great deal of money for the local nautical, commercial and service sectors in general. The royal family has also been dining out, one of their first ports of call was C'an Pedro, but since they have eaten at El Miramar in the Port of Andratx and on Thursday evening, the royal protection squad took the children to McDonalds. Queen Rania does not appear to be a fan of fast food, she was out jogging along the far quay in Puerto Portals yesterday morning. The King and Queen have at their disposal three luxury yachts for their Mediterranean cruise, although they are expected to remain in Majorca until Monday. The royals have chartered Lady Ann Magee and Smoke Dragon to accompany them, while they are spending their holiday on board the Jordanian royal yacht Farabana. The unsettled weather of the past two days has kept the royal group close to Majorcan shores although yesterday the three luxury yachts set sail for an over night, most likely to Ibiza and Formentera. Puerto Portals said that neither of the three yachts were expected back in port until this morning, ahead of the arrival of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain. The King and Queen of Spain are close to the Jordanian royals and are expected to be flying into Majorca to spend the weekend together, probably entertaining at Marivent Palace this evening and then joining the Jordanians for a cruise tomorrow. Whether King Juan Carlos will use the royal yacht Fortuna remains to be seen considering the “small fleet” King Abdullah II has chartered for the Mediterranean cruise. King Abdullah has preferred to relax on board the royal yacht while his wife has been out shopping. He only went ashore in the Port of Andratx on Thursday, accompanied by heavy protection, to walk to the restaurant for lunch. Despite having attracted obviously huge media attention, the King and Queen of Jordan appear to be enjoying their stay on the island and are very happy. People who have encountered the royals say that they are a “very polite and extremely pleasant couple.”