by Staff Reporter

RECENT thefts in hotels in Playa of Muro have resulted in the local Hoteliers Association demanding an increased police presence in this tourist area.
Sources representing the Association which, although not able to give details of the exact number of robberies, confirmed that one hotel was the victim of five thefts from its rooms in a single night. José de Luna is the President of the Hoteliers Association of Playa de Muro. He explained that “Muro has 20'000 hotel beds and is allocated only a few local police”. The Association believes that this is because “as well as having to control the coastal areas, the police have to take responsibility for the town of Muro”. The Association reported that “this year, thefts have been concentrated during the month of June. The type of delinquent has changed, and now breaks into hotel rooms at night.” The hoteliers appeared to be happier with Guardia Civil reinforcements because during the summer months, there are up to 60 officers allocated to the towns of Muro, Pollensa, Alcudia and Can Picafort. They were also pleased about the investment that has been made in private security but acknowledged that it was not sufficient. From another viewpoint, Javier Villarán, a client of an hotel in this area who this week has been the victim of theft, said: “The problem is rooted in the lack of security on the Island as a whole. The security measures at the hotel where I have been staying are also somewhat precarious.” Villarán, who has reported the matter to the Guardia Civil, confirmed that the thieves gained entry from the terrace abutting his bedroom while he was asleep. They stole 2'000 euros which was equal to the price of his stay at the hotel. “Whilst I am complaining about the lack of security in this four-star hotel, it comes to light that there have been five other robberies here during the last month”, complained the tourist. But Muro's local police sergeant, Miquel Serra, reported that “according to the information we have, it would seem that the number of hotel robberies has not shot up.” According to Serra, however, the rife problem that has to be tackled each year is that of strolling sellers on the beach. Nevertheless, halfway through the tourist season, the issue is more controlled due to concentrated police efforts. Local police have 21 officers in charge of the town of Muro and the coastal area. Serra explained that at some times of the year, the forces available were sufficient to cope but at others, no.