CRIME and law infringement in the Balearics dropped by 4.8 per cent, 1'635 less offences, in the first six months of this year. Miquel Ramis, central government's representative in the Balearics, reported yesterday morning that the figure dropped from 33'634 crimes in 2002 to 31'999 in 2003. However, this percentage does not include alcohol-related crimes between January and June of 2003 that rose to 861 whilst the previous year had registered only 401. This, in itself, is “good news” because it shows thorough policing. Ramis did not initially add alcohol-related offences to the final figure because such transgressions do not fall into the same category as robbery or assault which are direct threats to personal safety. If alcohol-related offences had been included, then the crime and law infringement figures between January and June of 2003 would stand at 32'860 and at 34'045 for the same period last year. This would reflect a fall of 3.4 per cent. These records refer to the work of the National Police Force and the Guardia Civil and do not take into account figures provided by the Islands' local or municipal police forces. Ramis released the information following an official welcome given to 15 new police deputy inspectors who have come to work at the Police Headquarters in Palma. There is a total of 27 deputy inspectors working throughout the Balearics.
In order to improve individual citizen security, 79 newly qualified officers will shortly be policing the Islands' localities.
They will assist a further 90 officers who will arrive in the Balearics as part of “Operation Summer” and stay for the rest of the year.