By Humphrey Carter TWO Britons in their early twenties flew home at the end of a week's holiday in Majorca yesterday nursing severe head injuries, black eyes and a patched up ear. Patrick O'Reilly, aged 23, and Ken Philip, 20, have only got themselves to blame for their injuries, although they can not remember what happened. It was in the early hours of Sunday morning that members of the Guardia Civil had to pull the two men, best friends since they were little boys, apart in a Magalluf back street where residents had reported a violent fight. When the Guardia Civil reached the scene, O'Reilly was missing a large chunk of his ear and both were covered in bruises and blood and neither was wearing any shoes. Police sources said that they were drunk and had taken drugs and their clothes were dirty. An officer was hurt in the fracas and both were arrested for resisting arrest and fined 48 euros for the minor injuries caused to the Guardia Civil officer. The two friends received medical attention for their injuries and flew home yesterday, still trying to figure out why they started fighting. They told police they could not remember anything about Saturday night/Sunday morning.