By Humphrey Carter
A 57-year-old man was yesterday arrested, accused of killing his wife and lover before attempting to take his own life.
The prime suspect, Jordi Antoli, who was under police guard in Son Dureta hospital yesterday, tried to kill himself by driving into a pillar of the fly-over on the Palma ring road near the Atletico Balearic football ground early yesterday morning. He apparently told the Local Police, who found him in the wreckage suffering from a knife wound and concussion, that he had killed his wife in Palma, his lover in Colonia Sant Jordi and tried to take his own life as part of a “suicide pact” agreed by the three. Police rushed to his Palma home where they found the body of his 60-year-old wife - the Guardia Civil found the body of his 58-year-old mistress at her home in Colonia Sant Jordi. The suspect explained to the police that the three had agreed on the suicide pact and he stabbed his wife Maria Asuncion L.G. first. Her body was found at 3.40am, exactly as the suspect told the police, in her underwear, in bed “with a stab wound to the heart and two deep wounds in her stomach.” The Guardia Civil forced their way into the Ses Salines home of the mistress, Margarita V.B. later, her body was also found on the bed and had apparently been stabbed as well. The suspect told the police that, after having killed his “loved ones” he tried to kill himself with the same knife at his mistress's home, but after slashing his thorax, apparently lost his nerve. National Police sources confirmed yesterday that two knives “covered in blood” were found next to the body of the murdered mistress.
The suspect told police that he then got into his car, drove back to Palma and slammed the vehicle into the bridge.
Medical sources at Son Dureta confirmed yesterday afternoon that the man was being treated under police guard, but would not elaborate on the 57-year-old's injuries. The case is being investigated by the National Police homicide squad, members of which questioned the suspect yesterday evening.


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