By Humphrey Carter

JORDI Antoli Florit has confessed to the murder of his wife and mistress.
Yesterday he was taken into custody at Palma's Son Dureta hospital and questioned for over two-and-a-half hours by the judge handling the case, José Castro. After hearing the 58-year-old's confession, Castro ordered that he be held under police guard in the secure wing of the hospital until he recovered from injuries sustained when he attempted to kill himself in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Once fit, he will be transferred to Palma prison where he will await trial for the double murder.
The judge said that apart from having confessed to the crimes, Jordi Antoli also provided a series of motives with which he tried to justify why he stabbed his wife Asunción Llambés at their Palma home and then Margalida Veny, who in his first confession to police described as his “mistress”, in Colonia Sant Jordi. Detectives are still following the lead that financial problems were the main motive and that after stabbing his wife to death in the bedroom of their apartment in calle Bellet in Palma, Jordi Antoli drove to see Margalida Veny to confess what he had done. But, detectives suspect that her reaction was not quite what Antoli had hoped for, urging him to call the police and tell them what he had done or even threatening to call the police herself, hence Antoli murdered her as well. Initially, Antoli told police that the three had agreed on a suicide pact, but police ruled out such a motive from the start and he does not appear to have repeated that claim to the judge yesterday. Antoli and his companion in Colonia Sant Jordi had not known each other too long and police have confirmed that Margalida Veny did not know the wife, Asunción Llambés. Not even members of Margalida Veny's family, who are deeply distraught by her death, knew of her friendship with Jordi Antoli.
The case is going to be heard in the Palma High Court, despite one of the murders having been carried out in Colonia Sant Jordi.


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