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THE first Social Forum of Majorca will take place on 17, 18 and 19 October in Palma. The organisers aim to offer an occasion for discussion and exploration of “alternative ways of running the world”. A spokesman for the event, Paco Mengot, explained that Majorca's Social Forum is based on the same manifesto as the Porto Alegre World Social Forum, held in Brasil. It will make a critical analysis of current neo liberal social attitudes and the way the world is governed, proposing alternatives using Majorca as a working model. The idea is to bring social and political debate to the man on the street and to moot the reality of true democratic participation, commented Mengot.
Made up of 20 different groups backed by 46 collaborators, the agenda will revolve around four key themes, interwoven in 40 workshops. “Intercultural dialogue and migration”; “Conflict, militarism and peace culture”; “Development and economic, social and environmental rights”; and “The role of the citizen in the construction of a democratic society of our choosing” are the principal topics of debate that will take place in the Jovellanos building on the Balearic University campus during the morning sessions. Workshops will take place in the afternoons under the headings of titles, such as: “Immigration and Health”, “Social Justice”, “Shared Economy”, “Present and future population movement”, and “Issues related to the Sahara”. The Majorcan Forum will also include a Platform for Children which aims to promote understanding between young people of different ages from various parts of the world. Goals will include the tolerance to live alongside one another. As a guiding principal for the forum, the organisers have used “The Earth Charter” which was drawn up for the Porto Alegre conference in Brazil. It includes respect and care for other living beings, the provision of materials fundamental to life and the affirmation of peace in the place of war. The opening conference is on Friday, 17 October, from 7.30pm onwards in the San Francisco College theatre in Palma. There will also be parades and concerts throughout the event.


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