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The British National Health Service (NHS) has contracted 53 new nursing staff in order to work in various hospitals in England and Wales.
This latest addition means that more than 1'000 professional health workers from Spain are now employed in the United Kingdom.
The British Embassy has confirmed that the latest contracts were signed following a selection process in Madrid last week where representatives from six British hospitals conducted interviews. Such nursing recruitment is part of a British government strategy to improve health care in Britain.
The selection process was co-ordinated by the British Embassy over a period of two days.
Interviews resulted in the Princess Alexandra hospital in England giving contracts to 15 nurses; St Bartholomew's and The London Hospital recruited four; Eastwick Hospital increased its nursing staff by 16; Addenbrookes took on eight and Bath five. Finally, in Wales, Cardiff hospital gave contracts to 5 nurses.
These 53 professionals join 763 male and female nurses who are currently working in the United Kingdom under the auspices of this work scheme.
The programme, which began at the end of 2000 following an agreement signed between the Health Ministries of Britain and Spain, also includes doctors and pharmacists. The Embassy reports that the British government is highly satisfied with the results of the project, affirming that the Spanish professional health workers perform to a very high standard. For this reason, further contracts were offered and an ongoing demand for such services made permanent.


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