Staff reporter PALMA's Mayor, Catalina Cirer showed off 14 municipal buses which have been ceded to Peru, under the Bus Solidarity project. The presentation took place yesterday morning on the city seafront's Muelle Viejo (Old Wharf). Also present were the councillor for traffic and transport, Alvaro Gijón; the Peruvian consul, Juan González de Chávez; a representative from the shipping company, Iscomar, Gabriel Malvido; and the project intermediary, Antoni Adrover. Operation “Bus Solidarity” began nearly three years ago as part of the plan to renovate the entire municipal bus fleet. Interested countries, in need of vehicles for their own public transport systems, can apply through the embassy network or non-governmental organisations for delivery of the old fleet which would be delivered as a gift on a non-profit making basis. From the end of the year 2000 to the present day, 40 vehicles have been sent to Cuba, five to Kosovo, 11 to the Sahara and 10 to the Gambia. To these figures must be added the most recent cession made to Peru. It is further envisaged that six more buses will be sent to the Sahara and 14 to Senegal under the auspices of the same project. It is estimated that the buses to be transported to Peru have a current value of 70'000 euros, which is just a tenth of the original cost. Palma's fleet has been modernised, using a leasing system rather than outright purchase.