By Humphrey Carter THE Balearic government is hoping that Michael Douglas will be the star attraction at the World Travel market next Wednesday, but Malta is also wheeling out its Hollywood big guns, in particular Brad Pitt. In exchange for buying Douglas out of his Costa Nord Cultural centre in Valldemossa, he has agreed to promote Majorca at travel trade fairs for the next four years. He and Balearic president Jaume Matas will sign the deal, worth 4.8 million euros (£3.3 million) at the trade fair next week. But, the Balearics is not the only Mediterranean region to cash in on its celebrity ties. Malta's new tourism promotion ad campaign, to be unveiled in London, will be its most glamorous yet and is certain to catch the eye of the world's travel trade press. With the help of the Malta Film Commission, which has been involved with the filming of a long list of feature and blockbuster films on the island since 1965, the new promotional campaign will include the many blockbusters recently filmed on the island. This year Troy was filmed starring Brad Pitt, Orlanda Bloom, Peter O'Toole, Julie Christie and Sean Bean. Sharon Stone and Rupert Everett have also been filming A Different Loyalty on the island this year and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, starring Sean Connery, was shot there last year. Malta will be launching a “Malta Movie Map” at the fair, making the most of its Hollywood connection. Malta will be able to boost two key areas of its economy on the back of its Hollywood stars, its tourist industry and its film industry and all at relatively low cost. The Baleraric Film Commission is still being discussed, but perhaps when the local authorities attending the fair see what Malta is coming up with, they might decide to get their finger out and actually set up the commission to push the Balearic film industry which has two feature films on the immediate horizon and others in development. Malta has also stolen a march on the Balearics by having announced its World Travel Market plans well in advance. There is little official information about the Balearics/Douglas deal and the fact the Oscar-winning film producer/actor will be attending the fair. The mid-day presentation is not included on the WTM official event's programme for the press, however the Bulletin is not leaving anything to chance and will be covering the Balearics' big Hollywood moment in London.