By Humphrey Carter THE National Police yesterday made one of its biggest seizures yet of pirate compact discs in Spain in a raid carried out on an old hotel in the resort of Arenal. National Police chiefs said yesterday that 16.000 pirate compact discs were seized during the operation and that two criminal organisations which have been producing, distributing and selling the compact discs across Majorca have been smashed as a result of the raid. The brains behind the operation, according to the police, is a 39-year-old computer expert caught in the possession of various computer systems and 11.000 compact discs. Police also said that a 43-year-old man being held is also suspected of being in charge of the second organisation, he was found in possession of the rest of the compact discs and various DVD films. Ten other people, all from Senegal, have been arrested, accused of selling pirate compact discs. The police operation was launched after receiving a tip off from the music industry that a substantial increases in the trading of fake compact discs had come to light in the Balearics. The National Police serious crime squad mounted an operation which eventually led detectives to an old hotel building in Arenal which was being frequented by a large number of Africans, coming to collect the merchandise in carrier bags and ruck sacks. Police held the building under surveillance for a couple of weeks, until sufficient evidence was collected to prove what was going on inside the hotel. When police raided the property, five towers of seven compact disc recorders were seized and 16.000 compact discs, amongst other material and equipment used in the production of fake CD's. Yesterday the music industry, which has, and is, working closely with the police across the country in the war against music piracy, hailed the success of the operation and congratulated Palma's National Police force. Police chiefs warned that despite the success of the operations, the battle must continue and that over the next few weeks, in the run up to Christmas, officers will be keeping a close watch on markets and street traders. The music industry has called on the public not to buy the cheaper pirate compact discs, not only because it is costing the industry a substantial amount of money every year in lost revenue, but also because consumers are purchasing inferior quality products.