Staff reporter THE Christmas lottery will pay out 1'755.6 million euros in prize money this year. An additional 10 number series will mean 5.5% more prizes to be won than the same time last year. The director of the State Lottery, José Miguel Martínez Martínez, explained that the top prize this year will be 380 million euros, which is equivalent to 2 million euros per number series or 10'000 euros for every euro gambled. The draw, which will take place on 22 December, is made up of 190 series of numbers, each with an allocation of 66'000 tickets. Sales will reach 2'508 million euros and 70% of this figure will be distributed in prize money. The second prize will award prize money totalling 182'400'000 euros (960'000 euros per number series) and the third prize of 91'200'000 euros is equivalent to 480'000 euros per series. As was the case last year, the price of the Christmas lottery ticket is 20 euros but tickets will also be on sale for 200 euros each. The results of the draw will mean that 19'796'100 prizes will be awarded. The Christmas lottery ticket this year is decorated with a reproduction of the Nativity of Christ painted by Pedro Berruguete (1445-1503), the original of which can be seen in the Museum of Santa María de Becerril de Campos (Palencia). Martínez also reported that the “El Niño” draw will take place on 6th January, 2004. It will consist of 40 number series, each with a ticket allocation of 100'000. Sales will total 800 million euros, 70% of which will be awarded as prize money, that is to say 560 million euros. The first prize will be six sums of 1'600'000 euros, and the second prize will total 800'000 euros. The price of tickets in this lottery will also be 20 euros, with others being available for 200 euros. The draw will mean the award of 15'444'800 prizes. This year, the State Lottery hopes to sell between 2% and 3% more than in 2002 which was the first year that the results were traditionally “sung” by children in euros, instead of pesetas. It was also the year when record sales of 2'086 million euros were recorded, 11.53% more than in 2001. The British actor, Clive Arrindel, will return for the sixth year running to star in the screen advertisement for the Christmas Lottery. The advert, which has been made at a cost of 931'621 euros, also uses the same theme music as in previous years and the slogan (“may luck be with you”).