By Lois Jones TOWN Planning deputy and municipal co-ordinator for Palma, Rodrigo de Santos, confirmed yesterday that City Hall has entered into negotiations with the Ports Authority to redevelop and incorporate the Moll Vell (Old Wharf) area into the urban district of Palma. There would be two planned phases to the operation. The first would incorporate 50'000 square metres, followed at a later date by the second phase, swallowing the remaining 230'000 square metres. De Santos reported that this first phase would be allocated to the development of services for public use such as bars, cafés and restaurants. The second phase will be used “as a transitional measure” for port activity until another “alternative location” for freight transport is found. The deputy warned that this acquisition, which will later be extended to cover a total of 280'000 square metres, is also at the “negotiating stage”. He clarified, however, that the Ports Authority seems “well-disposed” towards the project. De Santos asserted that the use that the City Council will make of the Old Wharf is still to be decided. He added that “the possibility, not a probability” exists of a governmental conference hall being built on the site and signalled that the Old Wharf project may also permit the construction of an underground roadway along the Paseo Marítimo. Separately, the head of Town Planning has approved a project for the enlargement of Bellver wood overlooking Palma's coastal waters. Part of the park area belonging to Son Vich will be closed meaning that some 59'163 square meters of ground will be added to the already exisitng million square metres of green belt area.