By Humphrey Carter THE Guardia Civil investigation into the death of Jaume Fuster in Cala Rajada last month claim they are poised to arrest the prime suspect. The pensioner who lived in an apartment with his wife Anita Taillandier, had slipped down to the street for a smoke in the early hours of October 4. He had forgotten his cigarettes in the flat, so went to get a packet from his car parked in Avenida America near the sea. As he lit his cigarette, he was apparently attacked from behind, punched repeatedly and suffered a broken jaw. Fuster, who had been suffering from health problems, was rushed to Manacor Hospital in a serious condition and from there he was transfered to Son Dureta in Palma where he was operated on. His initial recovery was good, doctors were pleased and he was discharged just five days later. However, he suffered a relapse and was rushed back into hospital after suffering a brain haemorrhage. Just a few days later on October 15, he died. Detectives soon established that his death was as a direct result of the attack in Cala Rajada and at first, mounted a hunt for two suspects. However, the Guardia Civil have since narrowed their investigation down to just the lone suspect which, they claim, will be arrested within a matter of days. The suspect is expected to be charged with homicide, although detectives claim that he only intended to steal the victim's car, a Peugeot 206, which he was seen driving erratically hours after the attack and crashed the day after the crime in nearby Canyamel.