News desk CALVIA Town Council has set up a Foreign Resident's service. Its aim is to give assistance to non-Spanish nationals from both other European Union countries and those outside it, in the understanding and processing of official papers connected to the municipality. The service has its base in an office at the Town Hall, where a specialist team of three people, able to speak fluently in English, German, Spanish and Catalán, will give assistance on a daily basis to all those local foreign residents who need their advice. Since the introduction of this support unit at the beginning of November, the areas where guidance on how to process paperwork was most sought after, were on the subjects of registering as a resident in the area; the payment of local taxes; permits; taking out legal proceedings; and general information. It is noteworthy how well this service has been received amongst foreign residents in the area, since in a little more than one week, the specialist team gave assistance to some 50 people and registered more than 35 telephone calls and incoming fax messages. This office is open to the public from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 2pm. Those who wish to telephone the support team can ring 971-139185 where assistance will be given in German and Castillian, or 971-139184 where callers will be attended in either English or Castillian.