The end of an era

THE supermarket which will form part of the covered market planned for Inca town centre, will probably be the last of its kind to be built in the area within the next decade.

A study undertaken by the regional ministry of Commerce and Industry reported that if there is no significant population increase in the municipality during the coming ten years, no more licenses will be granted for supermarkets in Inca.

The results of the study have met with approval by local authorities because the tenure of the planned superstore within the covered market will now appear much more commercially attractive.

This coming Friday, Inca Town Council will approve the rules and conditions to which companies must submit in the event of bidding for control of the new supermarket.

New music school

THE building which used to house the old municipal abattoir in Felanitx is to be the site of a new music school planned for the area. In time, it is envisaged that the institute will become a professional conservatoire of high standing, similar to the already-established music centre in Palma.

The new school was the most important feature in an agreement signed on Monday by Francesc Fiol, regional minister for Education and Culture; and mayor of Felanitx, Catalina Soler.

In its initial stages, the music school, with a minimum of 180 places, will offer specialisation in piano, and wind and string instruments which would constitute the prerequisites of a chamber orchestra.

Artificial beach protests

SPOKESMAN for the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party in Son Servera, Josep Barrientos, saw fit to criticise the ruling Partido Popular and Union Majorca parties on the Town Council for planning to allow “an artifical beach in Cala Bona”, the brainchild of a local hotelier. “We don't understand why they should want to build an artificial beach on such a limited section of coastline where there are already natural beaches” said Barrientos.

The spokesman added he believed that the only reason for creating such infrastructure was to pave the way for more hotels, which means, he purported, that the ruling parties are not listening to the people who live in the area.

Barrientos claimed, furthermore, that the central government Coastal department had not given authority for the artificial beach to be built.
Subsidised housing

THE third and most important stage of a subsidised housing development planned for Lloseta is now underway. At the beginning of the week, regional minister for Public Works, Mabel Cabrer was received in the town by its mayor, Bernat Coll for a ceremonial “placing of the first stone” for this project of 36 dwellings in calle Fra Gaieta. Architects Josep Aguiló and Gabriel Buades gave an outline of the development which will include a landscaped garden area with interlinking pathways.

It is envisaged that the works will take 14 months to complete at a cost of between 66'000 and 96'000 euros.
Quely takes the biscuit

THE export of biscuits from the “Quely” factory in Inca is soaring at an annual rate of about 30 percent. Managing director, Jaume Domenech reported the figures during a courtesy visit to the biscuit manufacturing operations by the president of the Balearic government, Jaume Matas; and by the head of the regional Parliament, and mayor of Inca, Pere Rotger.

Quely are now planning to build a new factory in Monreal del Campo (Teruel), which will support all the demands for overseas export. Domenech said there are no secrets to the family business which began at a small bakers in Can Guixe in Inca; it's simply continued hard work.