By Humphrey Carter IF we want a theme park in Majorca, we've got one, if we don't, then the multi-national Theme Park Group will take their 200 million-euro Evolution Park elsewhere, quite possibly to one of the Balearics' main competitors, many of which are also interested in the project unveiled in Palma yesterday. Theme Park Group directors yesterday presented their project for Majorca, a state-of-the-art “theme, cultural and science park based on the evolution of man, the history and civilisation of Majorca.” It is the most ambitious, professional and serious project the island has ever been presented and is a real test to see just how serious the island is about tourism and building for a competitive future. As far as the Theme Park Group, which has been involved with the developments of many of the world's leading theme parks, is concerned, it has done the hard work, the project has taken five years to develop, and is prepared to cover all the costs of construction, all the people of Majorca have to do is decide if it is what they really want. If Majorca does want a theme park, then it will be decided where it will be built. Inca has rejected the idea, although the Inca area was only a tentative idea. Many other local councils who have seen the project and met the project directors over the past few days, are interested primarily Calvia. Councillor for Tourism Kate Mentink said yesterday “it's an exciting project, there are elements we like and don't like, but as a tourist municipality, we have to take all projects seriously and this is very professional and very serious. “If the Balearic government and the Council of Majorca give it the go ahead. I would like to think it will be built in Calvia. “Perhaps not in its entirity, but the Mayor is definitely interested and we (the council) start officially studying the project tomorrow morning.” Apart from the obvious benefits it will have for tourism, it will be open ten to eleven months of the year and attract two million visitors, summer and winter, the park will also create 2.500 jobs. Some 2'500 jobs will be created during the construction phase and a similar number, many of which will be specially trained will be needed to run the park once it is open. The park will turn over some 50 million euros per year and the company intends to plough 95 percent of that back into the local economy. More importantly, the group is predominantly Scandinavian and therefore share a deep understanding and respect for the environment. The park will be a green park in every operational aspect and look to increase the public's awareness of the environment. The park will filter its own water, using a natural biological process, treat its own sewage and recycle its own waste. A Green Foundation will also be set up with five cents of every admission ticket sold, going into the foundation. Once the park is fully operation and attracting two million visitors a year, the Green Foundation will receive a million euros per year. The Foundation will be run by Park directors and local private and public organsiations. During a five year period, the aim is to redevelop, protect and conserve far more land than the area covered by the park and launch a series of projects which benefit the community. The park will however have an educational role. The idea is that it will be split into two areas, the park attraction area, rides etc. for which paid admission is required and a public area which will house the Majorcan cultural museum, a rural museum, science museum, data base of the region's history, facts and figures, an open air theatre where major concerts by top international artists could be held along with a prehistoric museum. The directors also plan to develop a sports centre for the use of the local municipality in which it will finally be located. The park will be a “meeting of local and world cultures in one place.” The theme park will feature 70 rides, including a flying journey over a mini-Majorca. An indoor winter sports centre is included in the project as well as a water park which would be the fifth best in the Europe with surfing and white-water rafting. The Theme Park Group believe that Majorca is an ideal location for such a park and an ideal catchment area with some of the best communications links in Europe. It envisages the park not only adding to the tourist industry but also the lives of the resident population by proving to visitors that a sustainable tourism is possible without damaging the environment. The park will increase tourism spending and also help significantly to decentralise the holiday season which over the past few years has become shorter and shorter. The park will give hoteliers reason to stay open during the winter, thus keep resorts open and the service sector operating, leading to more long term contracts for staff. The maximum area the park would need is 800.000 sq.m., slightly more than the minimum for a golf course which is 700.000 sq.m. So, The Theme Park group have unveiled there project, now it's for you to decide what you and Majorca wants.