Staff Reporter TRAGEDY struck in Majorca yesterday when a man reported to be mentally disturbed stole an ambulance at Son Llatzer hospital and drove off towards the airport, causing the death of a cyclist and damaging more than a dozen vehicles. The man was named as Antonio R, aged 59, of Llucmajor, although he lives in Palma and has been interned in the Psychiatric Hospital on several occasions. The cyclist was Manuel Alos Lomas, aged 42, who was hit from behind and struck his head. He was unconscious when the paramedics arrived and they were unable to save him. According to police reports, Antonio R had caused a disturbance at the airport, and was taken by ambulance, with a police escort, to Son Llatzer, to be examined by a psychiatrist. The police left, but Antonio R managed to escape from the nurses, stole the ambulance and set off at top speed, heading towards Coll den Rabassa. The ambulance was involved in a collision with a 36 year old cyclist who sustained slight injuries, but the ambulance continued, hitting more than a dozen vehicles before being involved in the fatal collision with Sr Alos. He was pursued by police but managed to reach the airport, where he was eventually detained. He did not resist arrest, and he has been taken to the psychiatry unit of Son Llatzer.