Staff Reporter NATIONAL Police officers have detained 16 members of an organised group of Albanians from Kosovo, allegedly responsible for a number of robberies carried out on industrial estates throughout the country, including Majorca. The ringleaders, purported to be ex-military personnel from armies in their own country, were wanted for questioning in connection with 25 crimes. Police sources confirmed that investigations were begun in Palma and continued in Vigo and Madrid on the Peninsula as a result of a series of breaking and entering incidents on factory premises and industrial estates throughout Spain. The group, fully organised with different command levels, was led by former military personnel. A ringleader has been identified as having previously held the position of an army captain in his own country and it is alleged that he drilled his partners in crime, commando-style, into breaking and entering as if it were a military operation. Members of the group were divided up into highly specialised units, each made up of four individuals who had particular skills. There were those who had knowledge of electronics (for putting alarm systems out of action), ducting and piping systems, opening of safes and forging documents. For the planned raids, the group used hired vehicles contracted with false papers and relied on a network of addresses spread out over the entire country, obtained by renting property, yet again, with false papers. The units which went to make up the organised group also allegedly interchanged their members, according to the specialised skills of each person and how they related to the crime at hand. High quality materials were used in the breaking and entering operations, signalling equipment, frequency inhibitors, high-powered drills, etcetera. Robberies at company premises were generally accomplished by rendering the alarm systems inactive, forcing a hole in the roof of the building and gaining access to the interior by swinging down from ropes. Once inside, they sought out the safes containing cash and valuables and once they had achieved their objectives, they broke into neighbouring premises using the same methods to perpetrate further crimes. Those arrested by the police and categorised as dangerous were Naim K. aged 41; Hasani M. (22); and Luan B. (26). A police raid on an address in Madrid revealed a number of artefacts which had allegedly been used to carry out the robberies. The first set of investigations were carried out on Majorca, where members of the gang had headed to allegedly stage summertime raids on industrial estates. Whilst on the island, members of the group met up with people of the same nationality who were also engaged in similar enterprises. In two different operations carried out on Majorca and in collaboration with the Guardia Civil, six individuals were detained, one of whom was arrested with a significant quantity of money on him when he was on the point of setting off on a journey to Oslo in Norway. A section of the gang, together with other individuals recruited on the Balearic islands allegedly moved on to Vigo on the Peninsula, where at the end of last September, four more were detained on being caught red-handed whilst robbing industrial estates in the area. Last week in Madrid, three more from the same crime network were also arrested.