Staff Reporter AIRLINE companies operating out of Palma, successfully scheduled flight programmes for 9'831 aircraft during the month of November, 10.1 percent more than during the same period in 2002. The number of passengers reached 837'872, which reflects a growth of 16.3 percent. The combined number of flight operations across all Spanish airports in November was 146'858, 3.4% more than last year, while the number of passengers reached a 9.5% increase of 10'843'330. The Spanish Airports authority (AENA) indicated yesterday that out of the total number of flights handled last month, 126'933 were commercial, 69'795 on national routes and 57'136 international. The airport of Barajas in Madrid was, for yet another month, at the top of the list of the Airports Authority network in terms of the number of flights, registering 32'052 (4.2% more than in November of 2002); followed by Barcelona with 22'760 take-offs and landings (1.3% more); Palma, 9'831 (10.1%) more; Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands 8'949 (10.2% more) and Málaga, 7'891 (8.1% more). Air traffic movement was also on the increase by some 10.9% at Alicante airport, with 4'811 take-offs and landings; while in South Tenerife 5'395 were successfully completed although this figure confirmed a 6.5% fall in operations in comparison to November last year. In Valencia 5'194 were registered (8.6% more); and in North Tenerife, 4'537 (15.1% up). AENA explained that in terms of percentage growth, the largest were recorded at the airports of Gerona, with 1'352 flights (83.2% more); León, with 328 move movements (82.2% more); at Murcia, with 773 (44.3% more) and Valladolid with 821 (42.3% more) in respect of November 2002. The airport of Barajas in Madrid in first place with respect to the volume of passengers handled, 2'860'512 (11.8% more); followed by Barcelona with 1'702'282 (6.3% more); Palma de Mallorca 837'872 (16.3% more); Gran Canaria, 827'289 (1.8% more); South Tenerife 742'615 (7.5% less); Málaga 724'713 (6.6% more); Alicante 559'524 (12% more) and North Tenerife 239'612 (18.1% more). AENA explained that the largest increase in users was recorded at the airports of: Girona with 103'787 passengers and an increase of 3'324.2 percent in terms of November 2002; Murcia with 54'667 passengers (150% more) and León 3'450 (92.1%). In terms of air freight, Palma de Mallorca transported 1'399'363 kilos during November, 2.4% less than the same month of the previous year.