IT'S going to be a cold Christmas, but the jury is still out over whether it will be a white one.
The Christmas Day weather forecast for the Balearics is going to be similar to last year, clear skies and low temperatures, but the run up at the start of next week could pack a surprise. Next week will be a chilly one, with temperatures forecast to drop sharply on Monday and by December 25, any rain left in Spain, will have disappeared.
But before the Balearics sees the back of the rain, if it is going to snow, it will be on Monday and Tuesday with snow forecast at 600 metres. For the most part, the weekend will remain dry and crisp with the odd shower on Sunday evening. On Monday, however, the rain will be heavier, with temperatures dropping sharply, snow at 600 metres and moderate to strong north easterly winds.
December 23 will continue unsettled, although the heavy rain should start to die away, leaving just a few lingering showers in the Balearics which may, however, turn to snow above 600 metres again, giving us a nice white dusting for Christmas Eve as the strong winds start to ease. Come Christmas Day, skies should have cleared, leaving a clear but very cold day for the islands. The met office yesterday said that with such a long-term forecast, room for a slight change in the weather must be allowed.
For those travelling to parts of the mainland for Christmas, wrap up warmly.
In Catalonia, for example, snow is forecast as low as 300 metres on December 23 and temperatures are forecast to plummet.
The only area where Christmas revellers may be able to celebrate in some warm sunshine is in the Canary Islands, but even they can expect some rain and strong winds to liven the festivities up a bit. For an in-depth daily forecast, the national weather forecast can be heard by calling 807 17 03 65.
For the regional forecast call 807 170 3+ the regional dialling code.