Staff Reporter THE Balearic environment ministry yesterday presented changes to the water supply project in the north of Majorca, which will increase capacity by up to 33'000 cubic metres per day in the localities of Pollensa, Alcudia and Muro. Jaume Font, Environment minister, gave assurances that with the increase in network capacity, the scheme will allow excess water, amassed during the winter months, to be channelled to other localities, at a rate of some 14'000 cubic metres per day. At the same time, Font announced that the Environment ministry has drawn up a project for the installation of a sea water desalination plant in Alcudia, with a production capacity of 14'000 cubic metres per day. The project aims to avoid problems in providing a continuous water supply as in the past, water has had to be imported from other places on the island. The minister drew attention to the fact that the bays of Alcudia and Pollensa are among the biggest resort areas in Majorca, which burgeon “considerably” during the summer months. The desalination plant is a response to the steep increase in demand for fresh water during the peak periods. Plans to channel water from Llubí, via Crestatx to Pollensa, include two sections of 14'350 metres, a holding reservoir of 5'000 cubic metres in Muro, a pumping station and an underground, medium tension electricity supply cable. Additionally, the project will include the upgrading of the Llubí station to new hydraulic infrastructure. These new recent modifications reduce the original drawing board outline of 18 kilometres by 22 percent and avoid disturbing natural protected area. Font gave an account of the new project, including environmental impact assessment, to mayors and councillors of Alcudia, Campanet, Llubí, Muro, Pollensa, Sa Pobla and Santa Margarita. The minister was confident that the reforms would minimise any necessary invasion of private land because the water channels will, in essence, run along already-existing conduits. Font believes this adaptation will improve long term management and maintenance. While the previous scheme included eight extraction wells and three drilling points in Crestatx, the new scheme protects this zone. It also optimises the exploitation and management of the aquifers (underground rivers). Font predicted that the scheme will add a volume of up to 33'000 cubic metres a day to the supply networks of Pollensa Muro and Alcudia, and channel an excess of some 14'000 cubic metres a day from the desalination plant down towards the Bays of Palma and s'Extremera. With this project, the ministry hopes to solve northern Majorca's water supply difficulties, above all in summer.