Careful with the sleeping Palma tramp!

OUR stablemate newspaper, Ultima Hora has a column entitled Reader's Hotline for complaints published every Friday and here I list a few of them. l Residents of the Palma square Baron Santa Maria de Sepulcro are having a bit of a nightmare. A tramp sleeps in one of the doorways and he is none too pleased if he is awoken before time. Neighbours there, are forced to tip-toe out in the morning for fear of waking their “guest.” The woman who made the complaint said that one morning she made rather more noise than usual when throwing out the rubbish and she received an earful. What next a “Please do not disturb sign?” l Complaints about the Inca to Manacor train. The service according to one reader is slow (it is often ten minutes late) and the carriages vibrate. I must say that I think the person who complained is probably about the only person who uses the train link.

· And finally my pet subject. One reader complains about the rubbish along the Paseo Maritimo (and it wasn't me!). “Absolute disgrace...” Here, here, here. Mayor Cirer please take notice and get the “Broom Brigade” on the case.

Moving President

I have a feeling that the Balearics could have a new President soon. I can't back this statement up and it is completely unscripted but I have a feeling that our President, Jaume Matas, will soon be leaving these shores and heading to that busy metropolis famous across Britain because David Beckham lives there. If the Partido Popular wins the general elections next month, which the pollsters believe they will, then I think that Mr. Matas will be given a cabinet post. As we all know he was already Minister for the Environment before he headed back to Majorca and won the last local elections. I base my hunch on the fact that I have never seen so much government policy put into action in six months. Since coming to power, Matas has scrapped the tourist tax, announced a major road building programme, completly overhauled the education system, recruited Michael Douglas and he still has had time to announce plans for a new Balearic cycle team. All in six months. I have a bet with a grass-root official from the Partido Popular on who is going to be the new President. But I am not saying. If Matas does head to Madrid then don't forget where you read it first.

All the best to Donald Gaffney

I would like to wish a quick recovery to my dear friend and probably one of the nicest Tories I have ever met Donald Gaffney, who is now back at home after an eight day stay in hospital. The former Chairman of Conservatives Abroad was responsible for bringing a number of top Tories to the island. Come on Donald you are ahead in the polls and giving Teflon Tony a run for his money and Howard's Way seems to be working.

The weather

THE reader of this column remarked yesterday how puzzling the weather is at the moment. While half of the island is hidden by mist the other half is enjoying great sunshine. All I hope is that this weekend my part has a bit of sun because with the weather how it is at the moment the only bright spot is the beautiful Irish girl who presents the forecast on Sky News.


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