By Humphrey Carter
THE former mayor of Calvia, Margarita Najera, bitterly denies any misappropriation of council funds for her personal benefit, but her successor Carlos Delgado was standing by the accusation yesterday. Conservative PP mayor Delgado maintains that, during the period 1999 and 2003, Najera spent 120.000 euros, “or may be more” on personal items such as books, jewellery and clothes, the recipes for which have been handed over by the council to the public prosecution service for investigation. According to the mayor “the receipts correspond to purchases made in three groups, the first in department stores, jewellers and clothing boutiques, the second in book stores and the third on Christmas presents,” Delgado has said this week. Yesterday he stepped up the pressure on the former mayor proclaiming “I am aware that certain presents (paid for by the council) were for the private and personal use of Najera.” Although he does admit, some of the purchases may well transpire to be justified. He was however quick to deny that his has embarked on such personal crusade against the former mayor and that he does not like having to turn to the courts “but I have a moral obligation to inform the law if a crime has been commited,” he said. Delgado added that lawyers examining the receipts have apparently revealed that there may well be a case of misappropriation of council funds.
Yesterday Najera was refusing to make any more comments, having denied the claims earlier in the week saying “I have never used council money for myself or my friends,” she said. Delgado's accusations have angered the former Mayor who has warned that she is prepared to take legal action her successor.
She has accused him if harrassment “I don't know if Carlos is cared of me or that he wants to end my political career once and for all.” Fellow members of the socialist party in Calvia are sticking by Najera as the battles lines are drawn between the new and old mayors.


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