By Humphrey Carter
ALL hell broke loose in Plaza Colonel Franco yesterday lunch time when, shortly after a 2pm, a red sports car came screeching down the road on its roof. People rushed out into the street from bars, restaurants and houses to see what the commotion was all about, only to watch the lone driver crawl out from beneath the vehicle, nursing just a few minor injuries. According to an eyewitness, the female driver of the red Hyundai Coupe had just crossed from calle Indalecio Prieto into the plaza when another vehicle, apparently driven at speed, flashed passed, frightening the driver of the Coupe who, in her bid to manoeuvre out of the way, clipped the pavement in her haste. Her car flipped over and spun down the road various metres before coming to halt outside a doctor's practice and a lottery outlet. Some say it was not her lucky day, but the driver escaped with just slight injuries, mainly a cut to her left hand, which was treated by local shopkeepers. She was, however, pretty shaken by her ordeal. Local Police and an ambulance rushed to the scene after the alarm was raised and took the driver for a check-up to Son Llatzer hospital. Her three-year-old sports car lay on its roof for over half an hour while a recovery truck and mechanics tried to right it before towing the vehicle away. “I heard this great noise and rushed out into the street to find the car on its roof and a women climbing out from underneath,” one eyewitness said.
This is not the first time an accident has been caused in the plaza by dangerous or fast drivers and while police search for the other vehicle involved, traffic police started work on a campaign to stop speeding through the neighbourhood.


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