No need to worry

IF you have looked at today's date...there is not too much reason to be concerned, Friday the 13th is not considered unlucky in Spain, it is Tuesday the 13th. However, I do warn you to stay away from nightmare places such as the Residencia office, Trafico and Palma Post Office.

A delightful book

A delightful book has just been published entitled, The Taste Of A Place by Vicky Bennison which is a culinary guide to Majorca. It will soon be available in local book shops and there are some great recipes. Also, full marks to my friend and Travel Trade Gazette journalist Adam Coulter for his work on the new Time Out guide to Majorca.

First name basis

AS you will have read in this newspaper we were visited by Spain's Defence Minister, Fernando Trillo. I was struck by the fact that he appeared to know all his top commanders (of which there are quite a few) on a first name basis. He had plenty of praise for the Majorcan who is commanding Spain's peacekeeping force in Iraq. He also appeared to have an incredible knowledge of his brief. When he talked about the Spanish armed forces he used the royal “we” which I also found quite interesting. Can you imagine Geoff Hoon, the British Defence Minister, being able to do the same? I doubt it.

Another VIP visitor

ALSO calling around our offices yesterday was Maria Salom, who is standing as an MP for the Balearics. If the polls are correct she will soon be leaving these shores for a career in parliament in Madrid. Nice to see that the grey suits of Spanish politics are in decline and here we have a young and vibrant person, leaving politics aside. Spanish politics these days appears to be attracting plenty of young people both male and female which is a good sign for the future and should help the problem of voter apathy.

Films in English

A S you can imagine there is a major dispute over what language the new Balearic TV station should be in. There is a school of thought which says that it should broadcast in Catalan/Majorcan while the ruling Partido Popular “the party of the nation” says it should be in Castillan. One of the suggestions put forward yesterday is for films in their original soundtrack but with subtitles. Unfortunately, this has re-opened the can of worms because what language should the sub-titles be in!

Cheddar comeback

I know I am always criticising Palma shopkeepers but for a change I would like to give a big round of applause to my local supermarket which has now started stocking cheddar cheese. It was a question of only having to ask. I was informed yesterday that ever since the cheese arrived sales have been brisk and even Spanish people who have never tried Britain and Ireland's finest are now buying a few 100 grammes. There we go I've done my bit for Britain's Trade Surplus. But it's also quite incredible what you can buy in your average Palma supermarket these days. English mustard straight from my home town, Bovril, and the list continues. Amazing how times have changed.

Delia's delight

AND staying with food but turning slightly towards football I would just like to say that good old Delia Smith, the Queen of Cookery has worked wonders at my football club Norwich City. For years I have taken loads of stick from those people who support the larger teams but who have players who I sincerely doubt know where Norwich is. Well the good old Canaries (and I am told that there is another Norwich City supporter out there) and I now top of the First Division and look set to fly back to the Premiership next season. What a dream clash Real Mallorca v. Norwich City in Europe.

However, I doubt that both teams could really cut the mustard in Europe on parent form.