Staff Reporter THE city council has announced that it will start asphalting several streets in the city today, an operation which will continue all month and cause traffic disruptions.

A council spokesman said that work would start in Can Sbert today, although this is unlikely to cause problems. Tomorrow the work brigades wil be in Calle Maria Antonia Salvá near La Vileta.

However, on Thursday and Friday, work will move to Calle Garita and the Cala Mayor area, where the streets are narrow and can barely cope with traffic on a normal day.

More disruptions can be expected on June 12, when the Calle Eusebia Estada will receive attention.
The council workmen will spend three days on the Camí Nou, on June 14, 15 and 16, before moving on to the Camí dels Reis on the 17th, 18th and 19th.
It will be back to the city centre from June 21 to 26, when Calles Rey Sancho, Plaza Cardenal Reig and Jafuda Cresques, all in the Eusbio Estada area will be asphalted.

Improvements will be made to the Calle Adriá Ferran over a period of two days today and tomorrow.
Further improvements
The road works will continue throughout the month of June, affecting various parts of the city will be made to Calle Francesc Pi i Margall on June 4 and 6, and on the Can Pastilla road from June 7 to 10.
The latter will mean traffic restrictions in the direction Coll den Rabassa-Can Pastilla, an extremely busy area.
Other streets affected will be Calles Cepeda, Company (in the Clínica Juaneda area), Vicente Juan Rossello and Son Espanyolet between June 7 and 11.
The announcement that so many road works would be carried out in June, the start of the high season in tourism, has drawn sharp criticism in some sectors.

Small shopkeepers say they have been adversely affected by major operations such as the underground car parks which have been built in various parts of the city centre, with more in the pipe line.

And tourists are unlikely to appreciate the inconvenience, although apart from Eusebio Estada, Cala Mayor and Can Pastilla, most of the streets affected are off the tourist route.

People living in the streets where work will be carried out can expect parking problems and noise for the duration of the operation.
No explanation as to why June was chosen has been given by the city council, which has been spending considerable sums of money on refurbishing the older parts of the city.