Staff Reporter THE head of Public Works on the Council of Majorca (CIM), Antoni Pascual, confirmed yesterday that he is not discounting the possibility to open a connection between the Soller tunnel, and the local railway.

The aim of such a project, if it were proved technically feasible, would be to allow the evacuation of the tunnel in the event of an emergency, using the railway line.

In answer to a question from Opposition benches on the measures that the CIM is considering in relation to the tunnel's emergency escape procedures, Pascual left it clear that the option of the “tunnel to rail” connection is one that is still being studied but it has not yet shown itself to be viable.

He did say, however, that at the North entrance to the tunnel, a parking bay is to be built, so that traffic carrying dangerous substances can be pulled aside and subjected to controls.

Additionally, declared the councillor, closed circuit television will help monitors keep a vigil on any possible incident in the interior, and information panels will be displayed at each entrance.

The Socialist Opposition, whilst acknowledging the efforts that were being made to increase safety, insisted that an evacuation tunnel was needed, the like of which is built into most two-way structures of this kind.