Staff Reporter SPANISH police are on their guard for known soccer hooligans who are trying to dodge the massive security arrangements which have been introduced ahead of the European soccer championships in Portugal.

One “notorious soccer hooligan” was arrested in Britain yesterday as he was about to embark on a flight to Majorca.
Police suspect that from here he would have made his way to Portugal either via Barcelona or on a direct flight.
The Deputy British ambassador to Spain Nick Kay in Palma yesterday said that British police liason officers stationed in Spain were working with their Spanish counterparts and were on the lookout for soccer hooligans trying to enter Portugal via Spain.

Kay yesterday paid a visit to the Bulletin offices in the Paseo de Mallorca in Palma, where he met Bulletin publisher Pere Serra and editor Jason Moore.

His message was certainly upbeat underlining the popularity of Spain as a tourist destination for the British and indicating that “Spain was in fashion.” As a result of the thousands of British citizens who are coming to live in Spain, Kay who was accompanied by British Consul Mike Banham and his deputy Esteban Mas, said that more information had been placed on the Embassy website on the rules and regulations about residing in Spain. He also indicated that the network of Consulates across the country were being kept exceptionally busy with both residents and tourists alike.

Kay, who speaks fluent Spanish, underlined the fact that the Gibraltarians should be able to vote in the European elections which they did so for the first time on Thursday. He indicated that it is all part of the democratic process. And the issue of Gibraltar keeps the Embassy busy. Just last week it was revealed that two Royal Marine Commandos had been arrested by Spanish police in Malaga. “It was an administrative error. They were in a vehicle which was transporting equipment for a naval exercise on the “Rock.” The Spanish Ministry of Defence was most understanding.” Kay also met with a number of local officials yesterday and Consular staff. This was his first visit to Majorca but he said it wouldn't be his last. He also expressed an interest in visiting the Es Baluard museum in Palma. Bulletin publisher Pere Serra, who has donated a sizeable part of his art collection to the museum, extended an open invitation to the British deputy ambassador.