News desk WITH the peak summer season now only just round the corner, the British Tourist Company, “First Choice” is currently looking at modifying the package holidays they have on sale for Spanish holiday resorts.

Joan Vilà is managing director of Hotelbeds, First Choice's reservations distribution division. He reported yesterday that the past few months have produced reduced sales figures for the company, commensurate with a fall in demand.

Vilà explained that recently, various Spanish tourist destinations, as is the case with Majorca, have suffered an excess of aircraft seats at a moment of low demand. This imbalance has generated a risk situation for the tour operators.

They finally opted for reducing their prices in the majority of Spanish holiday destinations in order to avoid having to make last-minute, drastically reduced offers which fail to provide the operating companies with profit margins.

The British group is at this very moment studying how it is going to revise its offer for the peak summer season, now on the doorstep. Their eventual decision is something which will depend, in the final instance, on how reservations for the summer continue to progress.

Joan Vilà drew attention to the fact that the year has not begun well for Spanish holiday destinations; in the way that May was a poor month in terms of hotel reservation figures, June would seem that it is not going to make an increase over and above the same period last year.