by Staff Reporter
THE Local Police of Calvia have stepped up controls for the summer to enforce bylaws on noise, closing times and beach vendors who sell fruit and drinks, without the necessary guarantees.

Maintaining law and order is one of the priorities of the town council and the number of police on patrol has been increased, particularly in the popular resort areas such as Magalluf, Santa Ponsa, Palma Nova and Paguera.

In Magalluf alone, 224 police reports were filed between April and June 15.
There were 29 for failure to respect opening and closing times, 186 for breaking bylaws on advertising (the touts who hand out propaganda for bars and clubs), six for noise pollution and three for allowing customers to take glasses out into the street.

More than 600 reports were filed regarding beach vendors, and 951 kilos of fruit and 776 cans of drinks were confiscated between May 1 and June 15. The fruit is often over-ripe and is considered a health hazard.

During the same period, there were 66 reports for the sale of non-perishable goods without a licence and there were 360 reports over handing out leaflets in the street, which led to 5'800 leaflets being confiscated.

Police patrols chalked up 517 hours, concentrating on the most conflictive areas such as Punta Ballena and Ramon de Montcada in Magalluf, as well as Palma Nova and Paguera.

Drivers also come under police scrutiny and 86 hours were spent checking licences and car papers at control points, as part of the prevention strategy.
The police handled also 1'627 phone calls in the six week period.
This was 261 more than the same period last year.
This included emergency calls which were roughly the same number as last year.