Staff Reporter THE Port Authority in the Balearic Islands has presented official written complaints to the central government minister of Public Works. The objections have been launched by the Balearic nautical sports sector on issues arising under the new Ports law, which came into force on January 1 this year.

The statutes include increases in tariffs for those vessels which are managed by concessionaires and no directly by the port administration authority.
As a result of problems arising within the first few months of its coming into force, the ministry of Public Works has already begun an overhaul of the Ports Law which was approved last November.

A member of the Port Authority of the Balearics, appointed by its president, Joan Verger, forms part of a Commission which has been set up by the State Port Authority.

One of the aims of the Commission is to consider objections to the Law from regional port authorities, as well as from other legitimate institutions.
As a result of the meetings held over the last few months with all the sectors affected by the new Ports law, the Port Authority has decided to present to Madrid the written objections, which, in its assessment, have been justifiably presented by the Balearic nautical sector.

Modifications to the Ports Law which have been requested are the elimination of the general tax and the comparison of rates for recreational vessels. The complaints are based on the fact that tariffs for vessels which the Port Authority doesn't manage directly, have a slightly higher tax to pay than those boats which have moorings directly managed.

The Ministry of Public Works plans to gather all potential modification proposals over the course of the next month and once it gets the maximum consensus, it has the intention to include these objections in the adjustments to the new Ports Law.

An area where it is not expected to have any modifications made to the already existing regulations approved in November, is in the merchant shipping sector.

This is due to the fact that tariff allowances of 50 percent already exist and are now extended in addition, to destination ports.
Up until now, the nautical sports sector has been the only one which has presented complaints in writing and as such, is singled out for legitimate presentation to the Public Works ministry commission.