SOME 200 people cut the highway from Inca to Alcudia yesterday, on their way through the district of Campanet as a protest against the construction of the Inca to Sa Pobla motorway.

For a period of 15 minutes, the demonstration shut off the route to vehicles whilst onlookers were witness to shouts of protest against the motorway and against the policy of the Balearic government.

The anti-Highway development lobby “Day of Action” was organised by protest platforms including “Road widening, yes; Inca to Sa Pobla motorway, no”; “No to the second Palma ringroad” and the ecological watchdog in the Balearics, GOB. It began at midday in the town square in Campanet from where it made its way to the Alcudia highway. The march then continued in an orderly way as far as the “Es Caracas” country estate, still within the boundaries of Campanet. Demonstrators then crossed the land where heavy earth-moving machinery is already at work on the motorway and unfolded a large banner which read “If you value Majorca, don't destroy it”.

The groups then moved onto the Inca-Alcudia highway itself, where they remained for a period of 15 minutes, stopping traffic and creating long queues.
Protesters claim the government had moved without advance notice to construct the new motorway, ignoring protected areas.