By Humphrey Carter
BRITISH resident Aidan Hurren, who fell victim to highway robbery on the Palma ring road last Saturday, is not the only British resident to have been attacked.

Following the story of Mr Hurren's ordeal in yesterday's Bulletin, Mrs Childs, a British pensioner who has lived in Majorca with her husband for the past eight years, contacted the newspaper to tell of her ordeal.

The couple, who live in Son Ferrer, had been shopping at one of the large retail outlets in the calle Aragon, Pont d'Inca one Saturday at the end of May.

The couple drive a camper van, but on Spanish plates, and as they drove up the slip road to join the Via Cintura, realised they had a flat tyre. “Being a large vehicle, we both got out and started to change the wheel, when a man came running up the grassy knoll shouting in a strange language. We both speak Spanish and my husband German, but neither understood him. He was waving his arms around. “We stopped for a minute to try and figure out what his problem was. He was pointing to the garage, but we decided to get on with changing the tyre and he suddenly ran off. “Tyre changed, we drove home, first via Pryca to see if the tyre centre was open. It was not, so we carried on to Mercadona in Son Caliu to do some shopping. It was then as we parked, I realised my bag had been taken off a rear seat which backs onto the driver's seat. “They must have seen where I put my bag when we left the Pont D'Inca store,” Mrs Childs said yesterday. “At first I thought I had left it at the store, but on the way there, I called my mobile which had been in the bag with all my documents, credit cards, address book and, worst of all, spare house keys, but it had been switcheded off. Then I realised it had been stolen. “We rushed home, grabbed the bank book and headed to the nearest cash machine, but within ten minutes of stealing my bag, they had withdrawn 700 euros in five, 140 euro batches,” she said. They next went to the Guardia Civil to report the robbery, “but we've heard nothing since. There was no close circuit camera over the cash point from where they withdrew the money near Escorxador and the Guardia Civil lost interest after that,” she said. “I was going to write to the editor, but I was in a state of shock for the next week. Reading yesterday's article reminded me. “We're not the only ones, I know of a number of cases involving British residents. It goes to show how careful you have to be in Majorca nowadays, the garage showed where a knife had been stabbed into the wheel. It's such a shame.”


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