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CAB firms are calling for a new more flexible law governing their sector, under which some of the licences in each municipality would become temporary, for high season only.

According to Julio Nieto, head of the taxi firm federation, the choice would be voluntary and would mean more work for the other cabbies in the low season.

The temporary licences would be tailored to the needs of each municipality, leaving each one with an “ideal” number of cabs to provide a service in the winter.

The temporary licences would, Nieto claimed, “enable drivers who have been working at a loss to choose another job for the winter.” Another change which should be included in the law, Nieto said, was that inherited licences should permit the heirs to include a second driver and leave them free to contract drivers.

Nieto said that the management had had talks with the cabbies to listen to their opinions and he claimed that most of the drivers would welcome this new law.

He claimed that a similar law was approved unanimously in Catalonia and is an “example” which other regions are copying to solve the problem of the winter season.

He said that his association had spoken to the Balearic government on March 31, regarding the need for this new law, and explaining the opinions of the cabbies.

He added that he hoped it would be drawn up during the current legislature.
Cabbies can only pick up fares in their own municipality and in recent months there have been disputes in which drivers have been accused of poaching fares from outside their own territory.

They claim there are too many licences and not enough work to go round, especially in the winter.


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