A HEARTBROKEN peacock in Andratx whose feathers were ruffled after his partner ran off with another mate is desperately searching for a new lover.
His calls can be heard throughout the hills of Andratx and the ordeal has left him “lovelorn”, his owner said yesterday. Two weeks ago the peahen heard a call from across the land after which she bolted off to find her new lover, leaving her faithful peacock behind.

Owner Charles Whitehead said: “Ever since that day he's been making a totally different sound, I think he's lovelorn. “He's lonely now and needs an adult peahen to keep him occupied. He's a real man,” he added. Charles and his wife, who keep peacocks and peahens mainly for their eggs, are sure the female has fled to a nearby house.

With electricity only recently introduced to the hills Charles said that although the number of houses in the area are the same, the amount of people living there has increased dramatically in recent years.

Young peacocks can be bought from local markets, but what Charles's pet needs is an adult female or two.
He said: “Often people living in urban areas buy them and then can't look after them. If anyone's got an unwanted peahen that would be great.”


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