by Staff Reporter
BALLISTICS experts of the Guardia Civil in Madrid are analysing the UZI sub-machine gun found in the sea at Puerto Portals, as reported in the Bulletin yesterday.

The working theory of the investigators is that the weapon, which is rusty and in poor condition, was thrown off a luxury yacht by the security guards of a multi-millionaire. The sub-machine gun was found by chance a few days ago by members of the GEAS, the Guardia Civil diving squad, at a depth of about four metres.

At this time of the year, security is stepped up because of the presence of the Spanish Royal Family who often visit the yacht club.
During a routine search of the sea bed, the divers spotted a bundle of plastic and rags and initially they ignored it. However, on a second diving expedition they decided to bring it up to the surface and see what it contained.

They were shocked to find an UZI, used by Israeli commandos and capable of firing up to 500 rounds a minute.
After inspecting and photographing both the weapon and the area where it was found, the UZI was sent to Madrid, for analysis by experts.
Although initial reports said it had been in the water only two to four weeks, it is now said that it could have been submerged for more than a year.
Sources said that the find has been dismissed as unimportant, but the fact that it was found in an area such as Puerto Portals has caused some concern.

One of the priorities now is to determine if it has been used to commit a crime.
The Guardia Civil believe that it could have been thrown overboard by the private security guards of a multimillionaire who needed protection, in which case its use by terrorists can be ruled out. It may also have fallen overboard by accident. Boats which have weapons on board are obliged to inform the Guardia Civil. It is not uncommon for super-yachts to carry weapons for security.


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