By Humphrey Carter
THE Guardia Civil claim to have disbanded the organised crime gang which has been gassing and robbing home owners.
Three Kosovan suspects are being held and questioned in connection with the wave of robberies which, over the past two months, has swept across Calvia and Son Vida, causing a great deal of concern, especially among the foreign community.

The Guardia Civil opened its investigation, with the co-operation of the National and Local police forces, two months ago and have reported that the arrests were all made towards the end of last week.

One of the suspects is under police guard in Son Dureta after injuring himself while trying to flee the police.
He hurt himself when he leapt off the Bendinat bridge during a police chase.
A Central-American woman has also been questioned in connection with the robberies.
The gang has been described as highly professional and very disciplined.
Potential targets, mostly luxury villas, would be watched for days before the gang would strike, nearly always in the early hours of the morning.
The telephone lines would be cut in order to demobilise the alarm system and, once inside the house, the thieves used what police have described as a “military style gas” to put the occupants into a deep sleep.

On one occasion, a pet dog was gassed.
With the occupants “knocked out” the thieves would concentrate on stealing valuable items of jewellery from the master bedroom as well as credits cards and cash.

Apparently, on very few occasions did the thieves venture into any other areas of the houses they broke in to, preferring to fleece the bedroom and them leave as quickly as possible.

On more than one night, a number of properties were robbed by the same gang.
Costa den Blanes, Bendinat and Santa Ponsa is where the thieves struck in Calvia. The luxury Son Vida estate has also been targeted as well as houses in Felanitx. Police are not ruling out more arrests over the next few days.

Since the robberies started, a number of home owners in the areas targeted have installed special alarm systems which are far more complicated to disarm.


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