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ACCORDING to research conducted by a team at the Balearic University, tourists would be prepared to pay an average of 30 euros in transport, petrol or insurance, in order to enjoy one of the ten protected areas in Majorca.

The survey also indicates that if a person visits one of these areas, it is because “they obtain a series of benefits which outweigh the cost of getting there.” According to the team which carried out the survey, the total benefit of being able to enjoy these natural spaces, multiplied by the total number of tourists who visited the island in 1997 (six million) would be 181.5 million euros.

The university advised the administration to manage the land and resources “in keeping with the importance which society itself gives to them.” The team interviewed 1'875 tourists in Majorca in 1997, to find out what it cost to visit certain natural areas.
The same team also determined that residents of Calvia would be prepared to pay 61 million euros to halve the distance of their homes from the coast.
They want this result applied to a study to evaluate the cost of the policy of demolishing obsolete hotels on the front line in Calvia resorts, a policy which, they say is beneficial.


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