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THE police are cracking down on speeding and are setting up control points in various parts of Palma during the night.
And they will also be checking on drivers bombing along the motorways during the day time, while a police spokesman said that the use of speed cameras had not been ruled out.

Son Gotleu was targetted on Wednesday night after complaints by residents in Son Gibert and Es Rafal. The net result of the operation was 38 fines and five cars towed away.

The police went into action after residents claimed that drivers coming off the bridge from Son Gotleu tended to break the speed limit, despite the roundabout.

They also said that many drivers, particularly those on motorbikes, held races and weaved in and out of traffic in a dangerous manner.
The operation was set up shortly after midnight.
Several units were stationed at the roundabout known locally as San José Obrero, and others were at the Cami de Salard roundabout some 500 metres away. Both roundabouts are linked by the Calle Indalecio Prieto.

A radar in a camouflaged police vehicle was set up in Cami de Salard, about one and a half kilometres from the roundabout.
When a car went past the radar, breaking the speed limit, the police on duty at the roundabout were warned and they would stop the car and impose the fine.

The operation lasted about two hours and in that time 40 drivers were stopped and asked for identification, and 38 of them were fined.
Two breathalyser tests were made and five cars were towed away. The radar also took 19 photographs of 19 cars.
The maximum speed limit in Cami de Salard, where one of the control points was set up, is 60kph. Of all the drivers who were fined, the slowest was travelling at 80kph.

Among the anecdotes of the evening was the driver who, as he approached the Cami de Salard roundabout and saw the police, he went into reverse and tried to back away.

When he was stopped by police, he told the officers that he was “in a hurry.” There has been growing concern about the number of road deaths in the Balearics, and speeding is given as the cause of a fifth of all accidents.
The traffic authorities have said that controls will be stepped up in Majorca this month.
The measures include six radars in various points of the Palma Nova, Inca and airport motorways and on the Manacor road.
The number of breathalyser tests will also be increased.
In Majorca, special attention will be given to the popular night spots.
The traffic authorities in Majorca are using slogans such as Speed Can Kill, or Alcohol Plus Driving Equals Accident as part of their campaign to cut the death toll on the roads.

The campaign is aimed specially at the under 25s.


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