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UP until August this year, the number of crimes and incidents of non-compliance with the law, fell by 1.20 percent in the Balearics in respect of the same period the previous year.

Reports released yesterday by Ramón Socías, the central government representative in the Islands, confirmed a total of 23'880 infringements. They also showed that Guardia Civil records registered a fall in delinquency of 11.22 percent, levelling off at 17'817 infractions.

Head of the National Police, Eduardo Pérez, pointed out that crimes and incidents of non-compliance in the home were the category tht rose most in the first eight months of 2004, with an increase of 300 percent. These figures were followed in second place by bank robbery with intimidation, a rise of 75 percent; and money laundering (66.67 percent).

Other sections worthy of note were the reduction of 30 percent in incidents of handbag snatching, and in breaking and entering (20 percent).
Pérez highlighted the considerable increase, by some 40 percent, of the number of foreigners detained for breaking the law during the first seven months of this year, in comparison to the same period in 2003. “This is the most disadvantaged section of our society in the sense that we are dealing with people who ‘live on the edge'” he explained.

Throughout the Balearics, Playa de Palma was the area which registered the greatest fall in criminality, by some 11 percent, followed by Ibiza (-10.8%) and Manacor (-7.6%). Referring to the falling crime figures, Socías warned against complacency. “To say that there is no implication from a political or professional standpoint, is simply scandalous”, he said. “It's no good putting our heads in the sand; we've got to work together”.

Socías thus signalled that the outstanding work for all levels of government is to concentrate on social and cultural integration of immigrants, as well as an improvement in infrastructure to forestall the development of a ghetto culture.

At the same time, however, the Socialist government delegate recognised that National Police staffing levels were not running at 100 percent. In spite of the shortfall, Socías said, “crime rate has continued to fall”.


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