by Staff Reporter
WHEN the temperature and prices start to rise, then residents start thinking about leaving the island.
At least, that is what German music producer Dieter Bohlen, former lead singer of the group Modern Talking, is doing.
He has just announced that he is selling his flat on the island because it is too expensive to live here and he can't stand the heat any more.
Bohlen, a millionaire, bought a flat in Camp de Mar, planning to convert it into his second home.
But just four months later, he has decided to give it up and put it on the market, because the heat prevents him from working and the cost of living is too high. “I'm tired of Majorca,” he told Bild. “I was hoping to be able to work well and find a good balance between work and leisure, but it hasn't worked out. “It's too hot, more than 30ºC ....and as time went by other things started to annoy me.” And one of those annoying things was the prices: “I get angry about the constant fiddles; food is double the price of Germany and unfortunately it is only half as good.” Bohlen was also annoyed because he was charged 100 euros for having two nails knocked into the wall and then he said he was sold “two ordinary, run of the mill shelves” for 900 euros. “They are things which happen in life,” Bohlen said, but he is obviously unhappy that they have happened to him in Majorca.
Perhaps if he had been here last year, he would not have found this year's temperatures so bad, as we are still below the record highs recorded last August. But unfortunately, thers is little to be done about the high prices.

Bohlen is the producer of the German version of a Pop Idol type competition.
So far, other high profile German residents such as Boris Becker and Claudia Schiffer have shown no signs of being tired of the island despite all the planning problems they have encountered when building their homes here.


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