by Staff Reporter
THE Spanish Cabinet yesterday approved an agreement under which the Balearics will receive 64'000 euros to combat eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, smoking and infectious diseases.

It is part of a 2.4 million euro nationwide health promotion programme.
A health ministry spokesman said that each region had been awarded a flat rate of 12'000 euros, plus an additional sum in keeping with its population.
The funds are aimed at the development of activities for promoting healthy habits, with special attention to the prevention and control of smoking; projects aimed at the study and control of eating disorders; and programmes of prevention and control of infectious diseases such as multi-resistant TB and other illnesses considered relevant, and systems to guarantee the maintenance of individualised medical treatments.

The Basque Country and Navarre are not included in the handout as they have separate agreements.
Among the other regions, Andalucia will receive the largest amount, just over 430'000 euros, followed by Catalonia with 380'450 euros, Madrid with 326'310 euros and Valencia with 257'722 euros.

The smallest amounts go to the North African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla with 16'138 and 15'782 euros each.
People in the Balearics spent 15'604 million euros on tobacco last year, despite government campaigns and health warnings.
Smoking is already banned in many workplaces, and the Balearic government will make it obligatory in all workplaces when the new law on drugs is approved.

Under this law, smoking will also be banned in shops, while restaurants and bars will be obliged to provide special areas for smokers.
The law is due to be presented to Parliament for debate next month, and if approved, will be in force from next year.
There will also be restrictions on advertising. For example, adverts should not be visible from schools and the message cannot be associated with an improvement in physical or mental output, social success or therapeutic effects.

Fines will range between 6'000 and one million euros.
The law also makes it clear that preference will be given to non-smokers' rights over smokers.


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