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JOSÉ Jiménez, chairman of the Majorcan Golf Course Association, called for more funds for promotion if the central government gives the go ahead for the construction of more golf courses.

He added that it would be a positive move to build more courses on the island, because golfers like to try out different facilities while they are here. “We believe it would be a good move to build more courses, but only if there is more promotion,” Jiménez said.
He claimed that it was “irrelevant” that the Council of Majorca's Master Territorial Plan should be able to limit the construction of new courses.
If golfing hasn't taken off, he said, it is because the authorities have not realised just how important it is.
He pointed out the golfers in France and Holland, for example, are unaware of the attractions for golfers in the Balearics.
Jiménez predicted that this year, golfing activities will have risen by two to three percent, which is similar to last year. The winter season, he said, is looking good.

Majorca welcomes around 100'000 golfers a year, and the figure is expected to be higher this year, chiefly because the German market is recovering.
In summer, there are between 30 and 50 golfers a day per course, while in winter and spring, the peak time for golfing holidays, the figure rises to between 100 and 150 players. Jiménez stressed “the great potential” of the British market.

He pointed out that some 800'000 people play golf in Britain and between 25'000 and 30'000 of them come to Majorca.
Apart from the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and Denmark send the most golfers to the island.
British golfers usually book a year in advance, and this year, their numbers are down slightly, according to Jimenez, due to the exchange rate of the pound to euros.

The number of Scandinavians, who usually book through a tour operator, is stable.
The Germans usually book at the last minute or by days, and this sector has stopped its decline and accounts for nearly 40 percent of the total, almost the same as the British. “The German market has dropped by nearly 40 percent since 1998, but unlike the British, they know the Majorcan courses,” Jiménez said.
There are 20 golf courses on the island, four are being built and two are nearing completion.
In order to promote golf on Majorca, the association is featured in a report in the Golf Monthly, which has 800'000 readers in the UK.
It has also organised several tournaments for September and October.


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