Petrol station to go

The Independent party in Opposition in Binissalem Town Council is to lobby the ruling Socialist team that the operating licence of the gasoline station be brought to an end in 2008. Independent party spokesman, Pere Pol, said that “at the moment, there is no official termination date. We want a 35 year limit be adhered to which means that 2008 should be the cut-off point. The station will then have to move out of the urban centre”. He reported that although the station had permission to set up operations, it didn't have a permit to occupy public land.

Another issue which worried the Independents was the condition of the petrol station in terms of public health. They are to raise the issue with the owner and Industrial authorities.

Improved water

T he Town Council in Campanet is to ask The Council of Majorca for assistance in modernising the main piping system which distributes drinking water in the town area and outlying rural districts.

The mayor, Francesc Aguilo of the Majorcan Socialist party, aims to finance the project with funds set aside from the Works and Services Plan for 2004. “We want to instal various apparatus aimed at avoiding fractures in Campanet's water piping system” confirmed the mayor.
Principally, the programme aims to modernise the current drinking water supply lines which connect the wells with the locality.
The rise in the cost of the project means the estimate for improvements now stand at 24'000 euros. The road resurfacing and pavements in calle del Sol in Campanet will be included in this programme.

Police “Apathy”

Traders in Peguera, part of the municipality of Calvia, have made a series of complaints centred principally around unfair competition to their businesses in the form of strolling salesmen and about the “apathy” of local police. The traders claim that the police “disappear” from the streets from about 8pm onwards.

The traders say that the strolling salesmen are trying to sell items which have no connection with arts and crafts. Furthermore, legitimate businesses are forced to comply with administrative and tax laws whereas itinerant vendors escape such obligations.

Road surfacing

The Porto Cristo delegation of Manacor Town Council has announced it is to resurface calle Drassanes as well as provide drainage. Approved a few days ago, and scheduled to start at the beginning of October, the project will have a budget of 120'000 euros.

Bernat Amer, Tourism councillor for the Independent Party in Porto Cristo, said that these works were of particular importance since the route provides access to the seafront wharf, and is used by hundreds of youngsters who use the port parking area at Es Carrero.