PRICES in the Balearics rose by 0.3 percent in August, a tenth of a point less than the average. Inflation this year is now running at 2.4 percent, and the inter-annual rate (over the last 12 months) is 3.3 percent. According to figures provided yesterday by the National Institute of Statistics, the biggest price increases in the Balearics were in hotels, cafes and restaurants (1.4 percent), followed by leisure and culture (1.3 percent). Clothing and footwear dropped by 2.9 percent, although this was attributed to the summer sales.
Communications and “others” (jewellery, cosmetics, services and insurance) went down by 0.1 percent.
The biggest increases in the first eight months of the year were transport (6.6 percent), and hotels, cafes and restaurants (6.3 percent).
Footwear and clothing prices went down by 7.6 percent while prices in leisure and culture were stable.
Over the past 12 months, transport prices have gone up by 5.8 percent and hotels, cafes and restaurants by 5.4 percent. n The 2.9 percent drop in clothing and footwear was attributed to the sales.